Who are we?

Robots with sences

It's not just about wires and numbers. We introduce human elements into technology. We develop our products to create natural pleasure and joy for you.

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Customer support

We care about your satisfaction. Do not be afraid to contact us, we are open to any questions, requests or comments.

How it started..

It all started with the mere idea of a student who was no longer entertained by school. He sat down at the computer and discovered the beauty of 3D modeling. He got better and better, after which he learned to work with electronics and soon the first version of a functional robot was born. His vision was and still is: "I want to create a robot that will be indistinguishable from humans. Both in appearance and character. "

His great motivation drives him forward. It is about making people happy. He picked up a couple of friends and put together a team called Pi print. One of the main goals of the Pi print is now the development of the robot Frankie, home fellow. 

In addition to Frankie, Pi print also deals with custom 3D printing and NFC technology. We try to implement this into everyday life so that it makes it easier for you to deal with electronics.